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In case you didn’t know, I’m actually a freelance writer and publishing consultant. If I can manage to stick to the deadline, then my guidebook for new writers, Let’s Sell Your First Book! will release end of February, 2018. You can hire me to edit your manuscript or design your book cover or your author website (what?!). Here’s all the stuff I’ve written around the web. I’m a total glutton and hopeless at following directions. Just two random facts. Oh, there’s also a blog I run, on writing and book marketing that you may really, really like.

Let's Sell Your First Book!
Marketing 101 for Brand-New Authors

Let’s be honest here for a second --- you don’t have to sell any book. You don’t even have to write a single damn book. But in case you have written one, or are planning to write one, and in case you want to sell it, then you need to read this guide now.
From building an audience for your work, to planning out marketing strategies, from working with editors and cover designers to establishing yourself as a brand. From acquiring beta readers to mastering social media platforms to promoting your book at book clubs and bookstores -- all of this and more, that goes towards selling your first-book and making it a success.
With interviews of industry experts and links to over 200 resources, Let’s Sell Your First Book! is specifically tailored for first-time authors who are looking to self-publish or get traditionally published.

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Don’t hire Amrita. She’s brutally honest and will tear your manuscript to pieces with her ridiculous comments. She doesn’t care how much you love your characters and she’ll laugh at your inability to spell. She will also beat your manuscript into a shape you never thought was achievable. On second thoughts, hire her.

-- Kevin Mann

Amrita is intuitive with design, because she really was able to capture what I was looking for even though I wasn't even sure what that was. I am a graphic designer myself, and I was clueless as to how my book cover should look. Amrita is highly skilled in both the technical aspect and in the artistic aspect of design.

-- Arjuna Ghose

Book Cover Design

After getting commissioned for cover design by publishers like Harper Collins and Vintage Books, early 2017 I started working with indie publishers and self-publishing authors.

Drop an email at for custom queries.

Services include:
  • Dust Jacket + Spine + Back Cover (for hardcovers)
  • Front + Spine + Back Cover (for paperbacks)
  • Front Cover (for e-books)
  • Interior Formats &Typesetting

In Her Skin by M.G. Shelby

The Moonender by Chitra Patiputra

Bare Bodies by Kevin Mann

The Lost Girl of Nara by G.L. Arvell

My Girl Margo by Alice Dulcey

The Struggle Within by Arjuna D. Ghose

Oratoria Magazine

London & Lycra by Carlotta Manheim

Top ^

Creating an author website can be daunting if you lack the know-how. It is especially difficult to navigate the world of domain vendors, blog hosts, nameservers, analytics, templates and themes and numerous elements of graphic design.
I’ve made it easy for you! Based on your requirements there are now 3 tiered packages available below. Just drop an email at to enquire.
Author Website Basic

  • Domain name & hosting
  • 4 page Website
    - including Landing page, About page, Portfolio & Events page, Contact page.
  • Blog
Author Website Intermediate

  • Domain name & hosting
  • 4 page Website
    - including Landing page, About page, Portfolio & Events page, Contact page.
  • Blog
  • Google Analytics
  • Spam protection
  • Custom header
  • Custom book cover display graphic
Author Website Pro

  • Domain name & hosting
  • Custom theme
  • 4 page Website
    - including Landing page, About page, Portfolio & Events page, Contact page.
  • Blog
  • Google Analytics
  • Spam protection
  • Custom header & graphics
  • Custom book cover display graphic
  • Google Adsense set-up

Manuscript Editing

I work with both new and experienced author and publishers, mostly on literary fiction, crime & thriller fiction, YA, humorous fiction, and creative non-fiction.

Feel free to drop an email at for any further queries or custom quotes.
Copyediting Only

Whether it’s a passage or a full page or a full novel, you can use my copyediting services to polish up your manuscript. Includes:
  • Proofreading
  • Syntax, grammar & Spelling checks

$1.5 USD / 250-words

Full Novel/Manuscript Developmental Editing

The full edit includes includes careful attention to every single page of your novel manuscript, from start to finish. This includes unlimited revisions. Inclusions:
  • Thorough Notes
  • Line Editing
  • Market Analysis
  • Next Steps
  • Query & Synopsis Consultation
  • Package Compilation for Submission, etc

I will give you comprehensive and actionable margin notes, grammar, spelling & syntax checks, and suggestions on re-writes, if at all.

$3 USD / 250-words

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