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Let's Sell Your First Book!
Marketing 101 for Brand-New Authors

E-book Available for Pre-order!

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From building an audience for your work, to planning out marketing strategies, from working with editors and cover designers to establishing yourself as a brand. From acquiring beta readers to mastering social media platforms to promoting your book at book clubs and bookstores -- all of this and more, that goes towards selling your first-book and making it a success.
Whether you’re planning to self-publish or go the traditional way, this e-book details out the avenues that are availabe to you today to create a brand around your works and help you drive your sales.
With interviews of industry experts, publishers, PR professionals, agents, editors, published authors and agents, case studies and links to over 200 resources, Let’s Sell Your First Book! is specifically tailored for first-time authors.

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Cover Design Services

After getting commissioned for cover design by publishers like Harper Collins and Vintage Books, this year I have only recently started working with indie publishers and self-publishing authors.

Drop an email at amman.c@gmail.com for custom queries.

Services include:
  • Dust Jacket + Spine + Back Cover (for hardcovers)
  • Front + Spine + Back Cover (for paperbacks)
  • Front Cover (for e-books)
  • Interior Formats &Typesetting

In Her Skin by M.G. Shelby

Bare Bodies by Kevin Mann

The Lost Girl of Nara by G.L. Arvell

The Moonender by Chitra Patiputra

Biryani & Other Love Stories

The Book of Girls by Hetty Boyd

Oratoria Magazine

Her Lessons of Yesterday by S.D. Gerald

London & Lycra by Carlotta Manheim

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Amrita is a British-Indian who always finds it difficult to sit still. She graduated from The University of Nottingham with a Masters in Architecture (what?!) and has worked in London, Mumbai, Paris, and Kolkata. She has written for The Nottingham Post, The Bangalore Mirror, The Huffington Post, Glutton Magazine, Tripoto, Altertrips and Honest Cooking. She is also the Prose & Poetry Editor for Unabashed Magazine and Editor-in-Chief of Oratoria.

Over the last six years she has been a part-time editor and book cover designer, and is now concentrating on making a full-time career shift into the literary world. She runs a newsletter where she shares tips, news, information and pieces on writing, editing, book marketing, cover design and other literary news. You can subscribe to it here!

She’s addicted to travel and is always hungry for pizza. She is also addicted to buying stationery and not using them, but that’s a story for another day.

She co-owns Altertrips and blogs about her meltdowns at The Subjectivist.

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