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Let's Sell Your First Book!
Marketing 101 for Brand-New Authors

With the market and opportunities that self-publishing has created, writing is now no more restricted to a certain section of the literary population. Writers have always emerged from various walk of life, and this has now led to the formation of a highly competitive market.

Long gone are the days, when writers would sell their work to traditional publishers and then sit twiddliing their thumbs, expecting the publishers to do all the maerketing and selling. In a cut-throat market, such as the one we have right now, even those with contracts from traditional publishers can’t afford not to build theor audience base. Irrespective of how you are planning to have your work published publicy, marketing is now everyone’s game and building a brand around your work is essential to book sales.

The idea for the book came around when I started working with first-time authors looking to self-publish, late last year. Every time I interact with authors, the biggest question that always looms above ominously, is the question of marketing. After polling a total of almost 400 writers, on various social media platforms in April, 2017, a whopping 89% of writers had declared that marketing and book promotions are the most difficult parts of the entire process.

In spite of tons of resources out there --- blogs, e-books, guides, workshops, which are hepful in their own way --- a large gap remains, where first-time authors don’t even know where to start or how to come up with a viable, workable marketing plan, instead of drowning in marketing jargon or multiple processes that end up taking most of their time that they could spend writing. As a result, 40% of self-publishing authors, the ones I polled, have spent an upwards of $5000 USD on hiring PR professionals and agencies to market for them.

The truth is, that book promotion is not hard at all if you have a plan. It does need dilligence and consistency. But a plan-of-action that sits in harmony with your writing time, will surely add to your book sales! And that is what Let’s Sell Your First Book! aims to achieve.

E-book Available for Pre-order!
Buy for $2 USD, directly via PayPal. The e-book will also be available for pre-order on Amazon, at $3.99 USD, from February 15, 2018.

The book is divided into 3 sections:

Before You Start Writing

While You Are Writing

After You Finish Writing

Every section covers a viable plan that you can follow:
  • Identifying your audience and strategies on building a following.
  • What social media platforms to sign up for at what stage.
  • How to come up with content that you can post on these platforms.
  • Setting up a blog and a website, in a way that you won’t have to spend too much time with the technology of it.
  • Blogging and content creation based on your writing.
  • Spreading your work through journals, chapbooks, anthologies, writers’ forums, competitions, guest blogging, etc.
  • Working with agents, editors, beta readers, publishers, book cover designers, bookshop owners and media agents.
  • Collecting recommendations, testimonials, contributed blurbs, reviews, critiques, which are all essential marketing material.
  • Spreading the word via online and offline means.
  • Generating marketing materials, such as ads, book trailers, etc.
  • Stretching your presence via the medium of news, media, videos, podcasts, radio, giveaways, workshops, lectures, book signings, book club meetings, conferences, and social media pods.

Every section comes with its own extensive resources (more than 200 in total!) and links for further reading.

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