A food and travel memoir of a displaced Bengali cook who started off in the kitchen by burning water. Literally. But First, Let’s Eat is not a typical cookbook. It’s a food book for those who love to eat and love to cook and feed others, and more for that homesick desi cook who is constantly looking to add a touch of home to every global dish they make, wherever they go.

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“In fact, I’d be concerned if viewers were indifferent to my work.”

Read my latest interview, as the featured artist of Issue #45, on how my training as an architect influences my art and navigating the art world without formal training. By Erin Post, managing editor of Mud Season Review.


“The first sentence of any book, fiction or nonfiction, is prime real estate. It should house a punch, instead of a tepid declaration that means nothing to no one.”

Five chapters openings that you should avoid for a more effective story. My recent post on The Writing Cooperative.

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Hello, I’m Amrita Chowdhury. I’m a British-Indian architect, artist and writer, currently based in Dallas, TX. My spirit animal is pizza.

Twenty things.

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