Hello hello! I’m Amrita and here are twenty things about me.

 I am an Architect by training, with a Masters Degree in Architecture from The University of Nottingham, UK.

 I have worked with architectural firms in Mumbai, London, and Kolkata.

 As a writer, I have worked as a commissioned editor and book designer with traditional publishing houses in UK and India.

 I wrote a guidebook for new authors on book promotion and marketing in 2018. I have a food and travel memoir coming out later this year. There’s also a novel in the works, but that one seems like a black hole at this point.

 I’m a freelance editor and book designer and absolutely love working with new authors.

 To follow my tips for writing, publishing and marketing, that are exclusively for writers, check out my Medium blog.

 I’m a self-taught, contemporary artist.

 I am the editor of FAKE Art which is a magazine that solely focuses on emerging artists and their struggles.

 I run workshops for beginner and intermediate artists.

 My abstract style predominantly uses acrylic and ink.

 My art celebrates the existence and randomness of extraordinary human lives around me. It is inspired by the built environment, the daily mundane, and the occasional adventure. My abstract style merges mark-making and bold brush strokes with ink detailing, that is reminiscent of architectural renderings.
 My full name’s Amrita Chowdhury but most of my handles say “ammanc” because my folks call me “Amman”. The “C” is just the last name’s initial. Bengalis have this culture of giving nicknames to their children and my parents chose to name me after the capital city of Jordan. They named my brother, Rio, after the city in Brazil. No, I don’t know why. 

 I divide my time between Dallas, London and India a lot. A LOT. At this point, I even find airplane food delicious! I know.

 I’m absolutely addicted to chocolate. Dark chocoate. With mint or orange or raspberry or sea salt or chilli. I’m addicted to dark chocolate, that’s it.

 I make a mean flourless chocolate cake. I also make a mean spaghetti all’amatriciana, come to think of it.

 I once beat up a boy double my size, because he was bullying my brother. I only stopped after a tooth of his popped out of his bloody mouth and right into my hand. We were both fifteen years old.

 Someday I want either Greta Gerwig or Phoebe Waller-Bridge or Noah Baumbach or Terrence Malick to direct a movie off of one of my books. That is, if I can ever get any of my novels finished and published.

 My guilty pleasures include a large bowl of Cajun trail mix, a cold face mask and Gogglebox on the telly.

 My relax jam is decor and DIY interior projects!

 Coffee over tea, oceans over mountains, dogs over cats, clouds over sun.


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