Hello, I’m Amrita Chowdhury. I’m by training an Architect with a Masters Degree in Architecture from The University of Nottingham, UK. I have worked with architectural firms in London, Mumbai, Kolkata and Paris.

My writing and art are extensions of me.

I have worked part-time as a commissioned editor and book designer with publishing houses in UK and India, which has led me to working with new authors on acheiving their publishing goals.

Many of my design clients are art enthusiasts and they have supported my work through the years, which I am extremely thankful for. I’m gradually expanding my art career and actively looking to collaborate with change-makers in art at a global level.

Artist’s Statement

My abstract style explores the beauty of wabi-sabi, and tries to hit the spot where discomfort meets unfinishedness, through mark making, brushstrokes and ink detailing. All of my work is inspired by travel, the people I meet when I travel, and the artificial built environment that we have created. It will always be true to colour, imperfection and incompletion.

Frequently Asked Questions

 If your name’s Amrita then why does it say “amman.c” on your email and other accounts?
Because my folks call me “Amman”. The “C” is just the last name’s initial. Bengalis have this culture of giving nicknames to their children and my parents chose to name me after the capital city of Jordan.

They named my brother, Rio, after the city in Brazil.

No, I don’t know why.

 I’m a writer. How can you help me?
I love to write. Always have, since I could clutch a pencil. This love of mine led me to write for quite a few publications and literary journals, like The Lonely Planet, Honest Cooking, the Nottingham Post, The Bangalore Mirror, Graffiti, The Huffington Post, Bridge Eight, Hippocampus Magazine, TechinAsia and so on. I was also editor for both my high school and college magazines.

I am currently working on my first novel. To stay updated with my work and published pieces, you can follow me on Instagram at @thesubjectivist.

About seven years ago, I got commissioned as an editorial assistant at a very big publishing house (can’t reveal for legal purposes). And have since worked with quite a few publishing houses in UK and India, as a commissioned editor. All part-time.

In the beginning of 2017, I decided to go freelance and help new authors navigate the industry. I added a book design service to my studio.

Given my designing chops, you can get your book cover or interior format designed by me. I occassionally coach writers with their writing, audience building, book marketing and self-publishing needs. In fact, I’ve even written a book on it!

 What’s all this Altertrips stuff?
In 2016, I combined my passion for travel (sailor’s daughter here!), food and my fascination with meeting new people, into one neat package called Altertrips --- an online travel marketplace that focuses on hyperlocal and ethical experiences.

Altertrips is mostly managed by my brilliant co-founder, since sometimes it can become difficult for me to multi-task.

 Do You really like pizza that much?
Yes. How dare you even doubt that?!

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