The Ultimate Guide to Building an Audience and Selling More Books

Writing a book is not easy. But marketing and ensuring sales for a book are even harder for most new authors.

This guide for new authors focuses on building an audience around their work and to acheive impressive sales on their very first books. It takes an easy-to-follow, stage-by-stage approach on how to market a book before it’s written, while it’s being written and after it’s been published.

Let’s Sell Your First Book! is stuffed to the brim with actionable advice, case studies, interviews of industry experts and over 500 resources.


A Life in Food, Gluttony & Everything Else in Between

I come from a family of eaters. We et, we dissect every meal, we discuss about it at length and we reminisce about good meals for days after. We’re those that think of lunch while we’re in the middle of having breakfast. You can spot us from a mile away. We can spot a pot of stew from a mile away.

But First, Let’s Eat is a first-hand look at my experiences in the kitchens that I’ve been in around the world, and at the tables I’ve sat while travelling. The stories revolve around food, family, travel and most importantly, eating.

It is, so far, a work in progress and will be available for pre-order by end of 2019. Watch this space!


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