Stuck with your writing? Need an expert to look over your work? Looking for an editor? Or a coach? How do you navigate the world of traditional publishing and self-publishing? How do you catch the attention of a gatekeeper? Need to land literary representation? Secure a publishing contract? You’re sure your book has what it takes?

This is where I come in. In the middle of working at my day job, I went through a Writers’ Residence program that allowed me to learn about the literary and publishing industry. Soon after, I started working part-time with large publishing houses based in the UK, as a ommissioned editor. And in 2017, after gathering seven years of industry-oriented experience, I started working freelance with new and seasoned authors, to build their platform, meet ther editing and design requirements.

My expertise lies in Speculative Fiction (Sci-Fi, High and Low Fantasy), Dystopian YA/NA, Contemporay YA/NA, Literary Fiction, Drama, Travel, Adventure, Humor, Thriller/Crime/Mystery, Womens’ Fiction, Upmarket/Urban Fiction, Romance, and Creative Nonfiction. Please don't hesitate to contact me about any project, in any style, for any audience, when you're ready! Or not ready!

Just pop an email to and say hello to start a conversation.


This option includes proofreading your entire mauscript and combing it with a fine-tooth to eliminate grammatical, syntax, punctuation and spelling errors.

Full Manuscript Edit

This is the most comprehensive version of a book edit, that includes proofreading, copy-editing, line editing and developmental edits. With this option you will receive detailed notes on all the major components of your work: grammar, spelling, voice, style, sentence structure, plot structure, imagery, character development, plot development, story arc, continuation, and so on.

Query Letter & Synopsis Consultation

Your book is ready and now it’s time for you to start querying agents and publishers. This option will provide you with a full feedback, editing and guidance to compiling your submissions package that includes cover letters, synopsis, blurbs, formatting the first 50-pages and so on.

Coaching & Publishing Consultation

Given how the publishing industry is an extremely competitive platform, and self-publishing options, make it even more so, it can be diffult for new authors and first-time writers, and even writing stalwarts to navigate the system. My coaching and consultation services are broken down into hour-long sessions wherein I work with you and your requirements, to help you acheieve your publishing goals. This option includes analysis of your novel/book, overall plot, market and audience. I will also be able to walk you through your publishing options and which path you should ideally be taking (traditional or self-publishing), provide you with guidance on builsing an audience, social media presence and online presence, and coach you with your writing process from exercises to feedback on your work.

Email to discuss your requirements.

Sample Edits

Please note that it is very important to evaluate if an editor and a writer is a good fit. Thank God for sample edits! I’m happy to do a 2000-word sample edit for free, before taking on your project. Just email at to ask for one.


Don’t hire Amrita. She’s brutally honest and will tear your manuscript to pieces with her ridiculous comments. She doesn’t care how much you love your characters and she’ll laugh at your inability to spell. She will also beat your manuscript into a shape you never thought was achievable. On second thoughts, hire her.
Kevin Mann
Bare Bodies
Amrita designed my website. I was thrilled with the design at her very first try. Since I wanted it to be perfect, I asked for many small changes and she was always pleasant to work with. And she helped me to refine my suggestions. Would work with her again in a heartbeat! Take a peek, it's gorgeous!
Yael Mermelstein
Izzy The Whiz
A Car That Goes Far
LOVE MY WEBSITE! If you need you a website created, Amrita is the designer to go with! Her passion for the success of entrepreneurs, especially authors, is what made me choose her. She is someone who truly cares for the happiness of her clients. Do business with her. You won't regret it!
Jalissa Carter
Testimonials Tales & Females
Thanks for designing two totally fabulous covers for my books! Great conceptual ideas and the turnaround response, from the time I contacted Amrita to the end of the work, was efficient and hassle free. I look forward to working with Amrita for my future projects!
Sangeeta Kathuria
In Lifetimes to Come
The Scarlet Promise
She did such a fantastic job with my manuscript. [The] Moonender is my debut novel and obviously, I’ve been dreading the entire process of publishing. But she not only tightened up my work, but also designed a fabulous cover and mapped out a way-forward for me to follow through the publishing process. A+ work!
Chitra Patiputra
The Moonender
Amrita is intuitive with design, because she really was able to capture what I was looking for even though I wasn't even sure what that was. I am a graphic designer myself, and I was clueless as to how my book cover should look. Amrita is highly skilled in both the technical aspect and in the artistic aspect of design.
Arjuna Ghose
The Struggle Within

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