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Layers, Colors & Voices

Sep 4-6, 2019 or Sep 27-29, 2019
DFW Area, Texas

What is it?

A 3-day workshop on abstract painting, that will explore techniques, tools and practices to engage with acrylic paint, ink and other mixed media.

Abstract painting can be intimidating and many talented artists consciously avoid trying their hands in it. The aim of the workshop is to have the participants learn fresh, or get more comfortable with advanced abstract painting techniques to help them find their own voices and personal painting styles.

The workshop will be held in the DFW area (Texas) and studio address will be shared on booking confirmation.

What will it include?

Day 1: will focus on tools, medium & substrates, restricted & unrestricted color palettes, intuitive & planned compositions with a few case studies and practical exercises.
Day 2: will focus on intermediary/advanced techniques in mixed media, complex compositions, quick & easy monoprinting, texture creation and working with layers.
Day 3: will be a hands-on paint session implementing the lessons learned.

Each session will be 3-hours long from 4 to 7 PM.
Most of the tools and resources will be provided. However, a list of recommendations will be shared on sign-up, if any artist wishes to carry their own, or any specialty tools and materials.

Who is it for?

For beginners and intermediate artists. Anyone who
  • is starting out with acrylic, ink or mixed media
  • wants to make a change and explore abstract art
  • is a total newbie in the world of art
  • is looking to brush up on their mixed media skills.

Advanced or professional artists will already be aware of the techniques that will be taught, however, they are welcome to join for a fun and refreshing crash course!

Why this workshop and why Amrita?

I’m a self-taught artist, who worked her way from architecture and art advisory to an art residency in Nottingham, UK and then went on to do prestigious shows over the last couple of years. I am also the editor of FAKE Art Magazine that supports the work of emerging artists all over the world.

For all the years that I’ve been in the art and design industry, every two days or so, I find my inbox with questions from aspiring artists on abstract techniques, mixed media tips and so on.

I feel that a hands-on practical class, where the participants can really get their creativities charged, get their hands dirty, and get personalized feedback on their work, is the right way to learn about abstract art --- an enigmatic art form that many artists find either pointless or way too intimidating.

Give me the fee specifics...

  • The total cost of the workshop is $150 USD per person, payable via PayPal, Credit/Debit card or cash.
  • A booking fee of $50 USD (PayPal, Credit/Debit Card) is required to reserve a place.
  • The booking fee is fully refundable if cancellations are made 2 weeks before the workshop starts.
  • The fee will not be refundable in case any cancellations are made within the 2-week window leading up to September 4, 2019 or September 27, 2019 .
  • The balance fee ($100 USD) is payable 72 hours before the workshop starts.
  • Non payment of balance fee will result in forfeiting of the booking fee an loss of reserved place.

For any questions, please feel free to email me at!


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